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Buildup of venues, coordination of contractors, IT support

The technical support service of Proxy Centre is a team of highly-skilled experts specialized in the professional preparation of venues for national and international level events.

In figures

290 corporate contractors participated in the preparation and holding of SPIEF 2015

111 events in the scope of Russia’s APEC Presidency in 2012

Technical layouts of venues

The technical service directorate of Proxy Centre begins the preparation of venues from the creation of detailed technical layouts. Each area of the future venue is described in a detailed plan with an indication of all elements and items — from walls and partitions to printers and laptops. This album of layouts is the foundation for equipping the venue and subsequent buildup operations.

Equipment support

Development, in association with contractors, of a set of activities to prepare the venue: provision of requisite power supply systems, additional deployment of a Wi-Fi network, where necessary, boost in cell phone signals, installation of temporary utility systems (power networks, low power networks), and fire-safety measures. Further, the technical support service monitors and coordinates banner placement, branding, and provides landscaping services.

Supervision of work

Development and approval of progress schedules for contractors. Coordination of work (dozens of companies at major events), quality control and monitoring of the observance of deadlines according to the agreed schedule. Adjustments to terms of reference based on operational requirements or changes by the customer in the course of the preparation process. Technical supervision.

Preparation of individual areas

Preparation of individual areas that require a special approach and special work at major national and international level events: press centers, television broadcasting areas, business negotiations areas, VIP recreation areas, and presidential areas. When preparing the presidential areas, business negotiations areas, and VIP recreation areas, the technical support service of Proxy Centre works in close cooperation with the protocol service involved in the preparation for the project.