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Transport Support. Organization of Transport Logistics

Effective transport support is instrumental to the success of any event. Proxy Centre has a unique experience in the provision of transport services for major forums, congresses, and sporting events in Russia. Professionalism and high efficiency of our transport support specialists enable us to deliver excellence at top-level events of any complexity and scope.

In figures:

40 vehicles in our proprietary fleet

305 events within 70 projects

4,170 drivers and 425 vehicles coordinated by the SPIEF dispatcher service in 2015

Up to 1,600 business and executive class vehicles involved simultaneously

Development of transport logistics

  • Establishment of the transport network of an event: points of arrival of participants, hotels for participants, venues of the main event, cultural program venues;
  • Maximized efficiency of routes based on information about road construction and congestion;
  • Evaluation of the traffic environment on routes and immediate optimization;
  • Planning of transport operation at the event: number, capacity, traffic regime;
  • Scheduling of transport operation on routes.

Management of transport logistics on routes

Proxy Centre has developed its proprietary software solution enabling professional and easy accreditation of all vehicles involved in an event, security checks, as well as issuance of passes of various categories and clearance levels.

  • Development of traffic plans;
  • Approvals of special routes/traffic modes by municipal authorities, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, Directorate of Traffic Organization of St. Petersburg;
  • Development of operational navigation systems: stationary for marking assembly points for guests, stops, etc. and mobile for marking vehicles involved in events;
  • Organization of vehicle escort by road police;
  • Development of parking schemes at venues and interaction with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate to approve the layout of parking lots;
  • Training and management of a team of supervisors of the transport block of an event, coordination of volunteers;
  • Branding of vehicles at an event.

Transport access system

A special software solution developed by the company’s specialists makes it possible to effectively manage car fleets in real time: monitor the current vehicle status (interface similar to airport boards showing flight statuses), assign drivers based on individual information and passengers’ requirements, and dispatch vehicles, including printing trip tickets.

Traffic control and transport management

  • Establishment of a traffic control service to manage all vehicles involved — real time monitoring of utilization and availability;
  • Making reports for all trips;
  • Provision of vehicles for every guest in accordance with regulations and provision concerning the status of participants;
  • Call centers accepting and processing transport requests from all participants in events.

Work with sponsors’ fleets:

The transport division of Proxy Centre is ready to organize a temporary car fleet to effectively service vehicles and ensure:

  • Acceptance / transfer of vehicles under handover acts;
  • Delivery of vehicles by car transporters;
  • Organization of parking / garages for vehicles;
  • Organization of 24/7 mechanical service;
  • Pre-trip driver checks;
  • Regular vehicle wash;
  • Fueling of vehicles;
  • Production, placing and removal of logos on vehicles.

Selection of drivers

The drivers assigned by Proxy Centre to work at events are top professionals who have experience of working with chief executives and VIP guests within the framework of major national and international projects. Our drivers are fluent in English and other European languages and can effectively communicate at respective events.  

  • Drivers’ services are supplied based on civil law contracts. Remuneration schemes include payments of the income tax and mandatory insurance premiums in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Each driver engaged in projects passes mandatory daily pre-trip inspection conducted by competent certified medics.

Rental of cars and vans

  • The company owns a fleet of business and executive class vehicles and vans;
  • Assignment of experienced qualified drivers who have taken proficiency training courses;
  • Replacement of vehicles in case of technical failures and emergencies.