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Delegate Management and Services to Participants

Delegate Management is a manifold systemic process of attracting guests of various categories to an event, providing delegates with comprehensive information about all aspects of the event on a timely basis, as well as ensuring the comfortable and effective stay of guests at the venue of the event.

In figures

More than 20,000 queries received during the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi

60 official delegations were received during Russia’s G20 Presidency in 2013

Delegate Management implies:

  • Building audiences for events;
  • Invitation campaign;
  • Complete informational and logistics support for participants — distant and at the venue;
  • Work with databases of participants: sending invitations to selected participants, follow-up calls, monitoring of availability status;
  • Development of algorithms of engagement with participants;
  • Configuration of services and development of effective booking mechanism: transport, hotel reservation, organization of negotiations, planning of cultural programs;


Liaison officers’ work 

Systemic information work is organized with delegates as part of the organization of high-level national and international events, performed by professional liaison officers assigned to a specific group of participants or high-status delegation. Our specialists are fluent in foreign languages and have relevant cultural outlook.

Key aspects of work:

  • Compilation and approval of the general program of a delegation’s stay (detailed schedules of meetings and transfers);
  • Tackling organizational and financial matters associated with the stay together with an embassy or protocol service;
  • Protocol organization of welcoming and farewell events: monitoring of the presence of state symbols, plane-side welcoming procedure, composition of the welcoming group, translation/interpreting, priority services at airports and railway stations, transport services, including corteges, escort by road police, parking, etc., dealing with security issues;
  • Awareness of cultural and ethical aspects, knowledge of business customs and communication;
  • Development of individuals programs for and with spouses;
  • Ability to respond to stressful and emergency situations fast and effectively.


Organization of information and service counters

Information and service counters are an essential component of any event designed to provide participants with comprehensive information on any aspect of the event (transport, accommodation, cultural program, translation/interpreting services) and ensuring that information about any issues or changes in the scope of an event is delivered fast and effectively.

  • Information and service counters are supplied in complete packages: furniture, brands, navigation signs, IT equipment;
  • Professionals working at information and service counters are specially trained and fluent in foreign languages to be ready to assist guests and answer any questions they may have;
  • Staff members are provided with uniforms corresponding to the overall look of the event;
  • Information and service counters are installed both at the venue of events and at distant venues of arrival (airports, railway stations).

These components form an effective mechanism that ensures continuous seamless work of your event and creates a favorable and comfortable professional atmosphere for participants and attendants.


Congress management at events

Congress management is an activity that envisages the monitoring of technical and image preparedness of conference halls, business communication areas, and meeting rooms.

  • Supervising of the technical condition of conference halls, checks of congress equipment, interaction with the technical staff of conference halls;
  • Monitoring of the availability of informational materials for participants in the halls; simultaneous interpreting, floral decoration, and catering;
  • Preparation and monitoring of seating in conference halls in compliance with the business and diplomatic protocol; preparation of the presidium in accordance with the agreed rules of procedure;
  • Preparation and coordination of staff to ensure effective work at the event.


Organization of a call-center and hotline for participants

  • Organization of a 24/7 hotline;
  • Complete equipment support for a call center;
  • Highly skilled operators fluent in Russian and English;
  • Application of the most effective marketing communication strategies to ensure that you achieve the best results;
  • Fast and helpful answers to any customers’ questions;
  • Communication with customers based on approved scenarios;
  • Reports and statistics based on parameters of your choice.