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FIFA Confedeartions Cup, 2017

Proxy Centre company provided a high standard of transport services during the Confederations Cup held in Russia from 17 June to 2 July under FIFA auspices.

Proxy Centre was responsible for the transport support for the tournament’s events in three cities: Moscow, St Petersburg and Sochi. The company provided more than 400 own and rented vehicles and 596 Proxy Centre employee drivers and hired specialists to provide services for the tournament’s Organising Committee and client groups. In addition, Proxy Centre engaged 120 people to assist in providing transport services at the Confederation Cup as dispatchers and support personnel.

Dispatch centres and transport operation services were set up in advance, and the focus groups were shaped in the cities where the tournament was held. This satisfied the transport needs of the organisers of, participants in and spectators of the tournament, observing a high standard of operation procedures and services.

Proxy Centre was responsible for operation of transport zones and transport information desks in all the four cities of the Confederations Cup: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi. The company’s experience obtained by participating in organising the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi enabled it to fulfill these tasks in strict observance of the terms and to provide the participants, organisers and guests of the Confederations Cup with a good, punctual transport service with a high level of service. During the tournament, the company’s employees repeatedly received positive feedback from the Confederations Cup visitors and participants.

The transport and information desks provided VIP guests, organisers and participants in the football tournament with timely, exhaustive information about the transport services during the event. Effective operation of the transport zones ensured observance of well-developed traffic schemes at the Confederation Cup venues, fast parking of vehicles at the stadiums, passenger pick-up and put-down with due consideration of the requirements of the protocol services.

Proxy Centre employees organised competitive selection and training of supervisors for the transport and information desks, loading and unloading sites, parking lots and pass check areas. 198 people were engaged in this work, while 14 specialists of the company performed managerial functions. They prepared all the necessary documents for the employees’ work authorisation in advance, compiled and ensured execution of work schedules, including night shifts.

4 cities

16 transport and information desks

400 own and rented vehicles

596 drivers