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Accreditation and Online Registration for Participants, Staff and Vehicles

High-level business events require thorough organization at all stages and in all aspects. Specifically, systemic work with participants, delegations and high-status guests done in good time makes it possible to provide top-level services and ensure a convenient and effective accreditation process with fast issue of high technology plastic badges. When organizing an accreditation and registration system for an event, Proxy Centre specialists make use of state-of-the-art information solutions that incorporate a comprehensive information security system that guarantees operational stability even under a cyber attack. The server equipment used in the registration system is located at professional data centers, and during an event a backup unit of the electronic registration system is additionally engaged to ensure uninterrupted operation even in case of a failure of communication channels or the electric supply system.

In figures

305 events within 70 projects

more than 250 units of proprietary office machines and equipment

6 hours from order entry to beginning of project and issue of badges

10,000 participants accredited for SPIEF 2015

Web registration

A package of services and operations to collect, process, and store personal data about participants, media representatives, members of the Organizing Committee, technical staff, security services, as well as other categories according to the format of an event. Services are supplied via the personal web account of a representative of a group of participants or personal web account of a participant.

Web registration solutions:

  • Creation of a special interface to organize web registration of participants;
  • Enabling participants and/or organizations to create their personal accounts in the format that corresponds to the objectives of an event;
  • Integration of the available database into the electronic system to ensure further accreditation of participants.


A package of operations and services to organize the badge issue procedure for participants, media representatives, Organizing Committee, technical staff, security services, as well as other categories according to the format of an event. These operations and services are provided with the help of specialized equipment and use of special software (information system).

Proxy Centre is ready to supply a complete package of services to equip accreditation areas that includes the provision of registration counters with event brands, information and navigation signs, and furniture. Professionals working at accreditation counters are specially trained and fluent in foreign languages. The accreditation staff is provided with uniforms consistent with the brand identity of an event.

Professional information system

Proxy Centre specialists have developed a unique information system to supply services to top-level events.

Main units of the information system:

  • Portal for the web registration of participants;
  • Portal for the registration of representatives of the Organizing Committee and technical staff;
  • Portal for the registration of media representatives;
  • Interface to work with lists of participants.

Proprietary software

Proxy Centre’s proprietary software solution has been developed for major high-level international events.

  • Fast and convenient registration and accreditation procedures;
  • Fast replacement of a badge in case of loss or damage with no need for repeated registration;
  • Real-time monitoring of the number of accredited participants.

Specialized equipment

Proxy Centre operates one of the largest stocks of specialized equipment for accreditation in Russia.

  • Professional EDI secure xid 8300 heat transfer printers for plastic with at least 300 dpi and rates of up to 100 badges/hour per printer;
  • Mobile workplaces for accreditation operators with pre-installed software;
  • High definition web cameras for taking photos of participants;
  • Server equipment for pre-installed software for web registration and accreditation;
  • Wireless equipment for the organization of a wireless Internet access area for participants and technical services of an event;
  • The case with mobile server equipment for organizing a backup system and ensuring immediate access to the database in case of a failure and lack of connection to the main server. The case with mobile server equipment is also used for fast deployment of network infrastructure for accreditation at any venue, even a site with no requisite equipment;
  • Network routers and switchboards for ensuring communication and information security at a venue.

Control of access to various areas

  • Monitoring and control of access to an event with the use of programmable cards, barcodes and QR codes, as well as scanners;
  • Installation of access control terminals for area zoning;
  • Creation and integration of an access control system into the accreditation module.