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International Exhibition and Forum "ECOTECH"

International Exhibition and Forum "ECOTECH" became the biggest event in Russia in the field of ecology and sustainable deveopment. Final events of the Year of Ecology in Russia provided international acknowledgment of the Russian Federation as one of leading countries in the environmental protection sphere. Formed within the Forum suggestions and pronciples will shape new state policy in the environmental protection field and "green" economy,

The Proxy Center company supplied a full complex of the services connected with the organization and holding of key events of the Year of Ecology in Russia — the International exhibition and forum "ECOTECH" and the V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection. Proxy Center has acted as the general implementer on the organization of the integrated venue which became the largest ecological forum in the history of the Russian Federation.


The complex of conducted works includes the following directions:

Developing of the official sites of the "EKOTEСH" and the V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection.

The company has provided a preparation and establishment of the information content on online platforms of the venue. More than 200 publications were placed on the official site of "EKOTECH" during the preparation and holding the forum.

  • Complex Work with Participants

Proxy Center has provided carrying out the invitation company, the information support of participants and a work of the phone hot line. 3140 people from 50 countries of the world became the participants of the business programme of "EKOTECH" the V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection.  A total number of participants of the event, including visitors of the exhibition, exceeded 10 thousand people.

  • Development of Business Programme and Work with Speakers and Organizers of the Sections of the Forum

The integrated business programme of "EKOTECH" and the V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection consisted of 46 events, including 39 discussions — thematic sections, round tables, conferences. The general duration of discussions exceeded 70 hours. Within the business programme of the integrated more than 300 speakers harangued.

  • Organization of the Exhibition and Work with Exhibitors

Proxy Center has undertaken an interaction with the exhibitors at all stages of preparation and holding the exhibition. 64 exhibitors were presented at the exhibition, which was arranged within "EKOTECH". The area of an exposition exceeded 10 thousand sq.m. In addition, the photo exhibition was organized within the forum.

  • Work With Companies-Partners of "EKOTECH" and the V All-Russian Congress Of Environmental Protection

13 large companies, including ТМК, NORNICKEL, RUSAL, EuroChem, SIBUR, SUEK, Metalloinvest and OJSC “Surgutneftegas” have received the Status of the partners of the venue.

  • Technical Management of the Event

Proxy Center was responsible for all issues connected with technical providing of the forum, including a work on creation of the platform and exhibition design.

  • The Range of Works of Ensuring Accreditation of Participants and Staff Media

The employees of the company developed a specialized online system for order taking for accreditation and ensured functioning of accreditation points, access control to the platform of the event.

Boundaries of the technical access control to the platform were organized by the specialists of the company. Experts of Proxy Center provided an integration of system of accreditation with turnstiles of the International exhibition center "Crocus Expo".

  • Work of PR-campaign "EKOTECH"

The company supplied a preparation and distribution of press releases at a stage of preparation and holding a forum, placement of news on the official site of "EKOTECH". The pool of information partners of the venue was developed; the invitation company for media by results of which accreditation at a forum was obtained by more than 500 journalists is carried out.

Functioning of media on the platform was organized, including work of the press center, the organization of press scrums and interviews.

  • Selection of Temporary Personnel

Experts of Proxy Center have provided the holding of interviews and trainings of the involved experts, the organization and control of their work on the platform. More than 70 people were involved as temporary personnel.

  • Work of interpreters

Proxy the Center has undertaken a providing of participants of the forum with devices for simultaneous interpretation, selection and ensuring work of interpreters, who conducted simultaneous interpretation of discussions of the event and accompanied key participants of a forum.

Members of the government of Russia, Heads of the regions of the Russian Federation, the leading foreign and Russian scientists, technological leaders and innovators, experts, representatives of the international organizations for environment protection, top managers of the largest Russian and international companies working in the extracting branch, the industry, agriculture and other sectors of economy participated in the forum.

The Special Representative of the Russian President concerning nature protection activity, ecology and transport Sergey Ivanov, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoy, the Director of UN Environment (UNEP, the Programme of the UN for the environment), the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Erik Solheim, the UN Environment Programme's Patron of the Oceans Lewis Pugh became the participants of a forum.

Participants of the forum paid attention to the international experience of "green financing", construction of eco-cities, transition to low-carbon power, possible results of ratification of the the Paris Agreement for economy of Russia. International Conference on Waste became one of key discussions of the forum. Representatives of such countries as China, Korea, Germany, Finland, Norway, Japan, France, Sweden other states participated in it.

Agreements and memorandums on the total value of over 10 billion rubles were signed with a participation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation within the forum. The representatives of the companies which are taking part in "EKOTECH" have also concluded the considerable number of agreements on fields of the forum. Following the results of "EKOTECH" more than 4500 publications were issued in the Russian and international media.

3140 participants

46 events

> 300 speakers

64 exhibitors