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Yalta International Economic Forum, annually

For the third year running, Proxy Centre Company specialists have participated in the preparation and organisation of the Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF). The Forum held in Crimea on 20–22 April, 2017 was one of the biggest business events in Russia and confirmed its status as a major international business platform for effective discussion of global agenda issues.

The company’s specialists participated in the preparations for and holding of the YIEF occurred in close cooperation and coordination with the Forum’s operator – Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation.

Proxy Centre employees worked with the Forum’s participants and delegations. The preparatory stage of the work included forming a database of potential Forum participants and speakers of five thousand people, mailing invitations, work of delegate managers, consultations on logistics and stay at the site during the Forum. The company established a system of online registration and the Forum’s unified contact centre and developed a delegate’s handbook with information about the event, the Forum programme, as well as general information about Yalta, points of interest and leisure.

Each participant in the Forum received a Personal Account on the event’s website and an opportunity to order services online: accommodation, transport, organisation of business meetings. Prior to the Forum, delegate managers were in constant contact with the participants assigned to them: they entered into agreements with representatives of Russian business, helped the participants with the online registration system, provided information about the programme, dates and venues of the events, deadlines for online registration and accreditation at the venue, the work of transport, cultural events, and other services. During the Forum, Proxy Centre specialists monitored arrival of the speakers and moderators at the Forum venues – Mriya Resort & Spa Hotel and the Livadia Palace – prior to the relevant session, met them and escorted them to the meeting rooms.

Accreditation of YIEF participants, media and technical personnel was also an important part of the work. Accreditation points were deployed at the Forum’s main venue – Mriya Resort & Spa Hotel, as well as at Simferopol Airport. Employees of the company trained accreditation operators, provided the necessary technical equipment for operators’ workplaces, and pre-adjusted effective operation of the special software. The accreditation points worked throughout the business event, Proxy Centre specialists met the Forum participants and journalists, promptly issued accreditation badges and provided comprehensive information about the event.

Proxy Centre employees also participated in organising transport services for the Forum: providing shuttle buses between the event area and accommodation facilities for the participants, as well as individual transfers for VIP participants, escorts for participants to and from Simferopol Airport, transport of Forum technical staff. An optimal route network was developed; training sessions and briefings were conducted for drivers. The company specialists organised the work of the Forum’s 24-hour dispatch centre and transport coordinators, as well as providing accreditation of vehicles.

As the technical directorate of the Forum, Proxy Centre ensured operation of the audio and visual equipment in the conference rooms, projectors, simultaneous translation of the discussions from and into English, Chinese and Italian, audio and video recording of the Forum events .

The company’s specialists organised the work of the temporary staff involved in preparing for and holding the Forum. The tasks in this area included selection and training of employees, monitoring and coordination of their work.

Proxy Centre staff were also responsible for a set of tasks related to collaboration with the media during the preparations for and holding of the Forum, accreditation of media personnel, organisation of a press tour for the federal media, and coordination of journalists’ work at the event. 

In 2017:

> 2 200 participants

> 200 international delegates

46 countries

>30 agreements, summed up >100 billion rubles;

> 300 media representatives