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16 May 2014

Participant Accreditation for SPIEF is Open

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On 12th of May specialists of «Proxy Centre» Co. Ltd. began participant accreditation for SPIEF. For now, already two accreditation points successfully operate: in Moscow - Ministry of Economic Development, in St.Petersburg – on Opochinin Street. By the beginning of the Forum, Central Accreditation Point in the 4th pavilion of «Lenexpo» and 11 points will be operating to make accreditation process of the guests as smooth and flawless as possible. These additional points will be located in the places of arrival and accommodation of the SPIEF participants.

«Proxy Centre» Co. Ltd. is responsible for the whole accreditation process of SPIEF. That includes participant accreditation, accreditation of operating personnel, transport and driver accreditation.  Totally, more than 5000 participants, 800 employees of contractor’s organizations and 3000 vehicle units should be accredited this year.   

Configuration of accreditation points is 70% of own in-house equipment, which completely meets high up-to-date requirements. That contributes to making accreditation procedure easy and quick for guests and employees of the Forum.