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28 November 2014


Last news

The 3rd International Youth Forum “DOBROFORUM 3.0” was held on November 21-22 in the “Corinthia Nevsky Palace”. The St. Petersburg Committee for the Youth Policy and Non-governmental Organizations Interaction was the event’s organizer. The participants were leaders of the youth volunteer movements in Russia and abroad, representatives of public authorities and business communities, heads of noncommercial associations.

DOBROFORUM’s primary objectives are demonstration and apprehension of Russian volunteer  movement’s results and development programmes in St. Petersburg and Russian regions, effective intercommunication and networking, elaboration of recommendations on further improvement.

There were eight sessions: service voluntarism, ecological voluntarism, social voluntarism, homeless animals’ aid, sport voluntarism, assistance to seniors, donor movement, urban system development of voluntarism support. Besides, there was an exhibition, devoted to best volunteer projects in St. Petersburg.

Proxy Centre company was involved into online registration system elaboration and participants’ accreditation. Our specialists worked on in-house equipment: professional sublimation printers and high-end laptops. Online delegates registration service and accreditation is a fine-tuned procedure in Proxy Centre and over 800 participants were registered for the Forum.  

It is not the first socially minded event for our company. In 2013 Proxy Centre specialists were supervisers in the frame of International Annual Dignity Day in the schools of St. Petersburg. Such kind of experience enriches both the company and the society we live in.