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8 September 2016

«Прокси Центр» участвует в подготовке Восточного экономического форума

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Specialists of the “Proxy Centre” company are engaged into preliminary arrangements for one of the biggest annual business events in Russia – Eastern Economic Forum to take place in Vladivostok on September 2-3, 2016.

“Proxy Centre” takes part in organization of the event for the second time at a run. This year area of responsibility includes several tasks. One of the focus areas is accreditation. “Proxy Centre” company is responsible for accreditation procedure of the Eastern Economic Forum including accreditation of participants, staff anв transport vehicles. Within the Forum’s preparation process, the company has already started to cooperate with contractors on venue maintenance. Totally, several hundreds of companies take part in the arrangements for the Forum. Accreditation Points has started its work on August, 15. Participants are also able to pick up a badge at the International airport of Vladivostok and onsite the venue.

Year 2015 has shown such figures as 2520 participants including 1824 delegates and guests, 550 media representatives and 32 foreign delegations. 

“Proxy Centre” company is also responsible for decoration of halls for plenary sessions, strategic sessions, round tables. The company also takes part in technical equipment of the Forum’s venue - on the campus of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on Russky Island (Vladivostok).

Besides, “Proxy Centre” is involved into transport support of the Forum by providing operation of a dispatcher control center responsible for shuttle traffic on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal University, between main Forum’s venue and designated hotels, transport hubs, cultural programme objects. Overall 300 transport vehicles of various classes and capacity, including 150 official Forums’ cars – Mazda.  Specialists of the “Proxy Centre” company руды special trainings for drivers and dispatchers, as well as for a team of transport coordinators.