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30 August 2013

First International Short-Film Festival “Koroche”, held in Kaliningrad

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On the last weekend of summer 2013, 25-29th of August, Kaliningrad region was overwhelmed by the First international short-film festival “Koroche”, coinciding with the back-end of summer season. The president of the Festival was film producer Igor Selivanov.

Young and talented directors from all over the world have taken part in this occasion and sent 50 works – totally, a full-scale 9-hours movie, where every episode is worth its weight in gold!

“Proxy Centre” team of specialists was actively involved in the preparation process and organizing of the short-film festival.

Within the framework of the event, transport department has provided control and coordination of minibuses, which were meeting and further transporting participants of the Festival, from and to places of arrival/departure: international airport “Charbrovo”, railway station “Yuzhniy” and Kalinigrad’s bus-station.

Besides, transport department has coordinated routes and logistics for minibuses from venues (“Zarya” cinema and “Cinemapark”) to the participants’ hotels (“Moskva” Hotel, “Chaika” Hotel, “Schloss” Hotel).

Moreover, all-inclusive transport service during the cultural program was provided. Guests of the Festival were transferred to the excursion on the comfortable buses – Volvo and Mercedes-Benz, and also on minibuses Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz Viano and its counterparts.  At the end of cultural program, all participants were delivered by excursion buses and minibuses to their hotels.

“Proxy Centre” IT-specialists have arranged accreditation points. All the assigned by festival organizers to our specialists issues (such as data collecting, list of participants forming, classification of participants’ types and etc.), were successfully solved, fully and on time.

The Organizing Committee distinguished the high level of Proxy Centre’s services.

We consider that organizing such kind of event has made a great contribution to the total experience of our company.