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14 December 2012

G20 Sherpas' Meeting took place in Moscow

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On December 12, Moscow hosted the G20 Sherpas' Meeting in a series of inaugural events of Russia's G20 presidency. The meeting kicked-off the discussion of the top priority issues of global economic agenda and hinted the scope of necessary joint actions.

On behalf of their respective Leaders, Sherpas shared views and expressed observations on coordinating the 2013 agenda for the G20. Sherpas lead the discussion of a wide-ranged agenda, comprising possible ways to accelerate economic growth in the short and medium terms, financing for investment as a cornerstone of growth and job creation, a multi-faceted trade agenda for 2013, and development for all, among other topics.

Along with the G20 member-economies' Sherpas, the meeting was also attended by the representatives of international organizations engaged in the G20 working process, including the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, the WTO, the OECD, the International Labour Organization and the Financial Stability Board.  The Russian Sherpa Ksenia Yudaeva was a chairman. To ensure smooth interaction between Sherpas and Finance Tracks at all stages of the preparatory process, a delegation from the Russian Ministry of Finance headed by Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak was invited to the meeting.



As a part of Russia’s G20 Chairmanship «Proxy Center» LLC created a special department of liaison officers who are in charge of cooperating with G20 participants that are members of G20 Planning Team.

In preparing for the G20 events, which took part in Moscow on the 12th-13th of December, «Proxy Center» specialists worked out  a specific  system of data exchange, on-line registration system (holding necessary information on participants’ profiles, flights and accommodation info, transfers to/from the airports, etc.).   Company specialists issued newsletters to the G20 participants with necessary information.  They also developed a specific support system for resolving visa issues for foreign participants. Meet-and-greet service in Moscow was also provided by «Proxy Center» LLC, as well as logistic and data support. G20 participants highlighted the complete professionalism of our specialists.