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6 October 2016

The results of Sochi 2016 IIF: The Forum in Figures

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The Sochi Investment Forum has confirmed its status as one of Russia’s biggest business events; the 15th anniversary Forum was attended by members of Russia’s top leadership, heads of major companies, and international delegations. At the Forum, Russian regions and companies signed 215 agreements worth a record-breaking RUB 704.24 bn. In particular, the Krasnodar Region delegation concluded 125 agreements worth RUB 638.7 bn, a record in the Forum’s 15-year history.

While preparing and holding the Forum, Proxy Centre was in complete charge of accrediting participants, media, technical staff and vehicles. In advance of the Forum, the company set up accreditation points for the event participants, got specialized software and equipment up and running, held training sessions for accreditation operators who provided services for participants in the event and for media representatives during the Forum.

Proxy Centre fully discharged its tasks and accredited Forums participants quickly and conveniently. The company’s professionals provided accreditation and related services to 2,680 Forum participants and 860 media representatives; Forum participants and journalists working at the main venue totalled 3,540. To ensure smooth operation of the Forum, a large number of technical staff were employed; appropriate accreditation was provided to 3,512 staffers and 1,267 vehicles. A total of 7,052 people were accredited at the Forum.

Sochi 2016 Investment Forum in facts and figures:  

  • The Main Media Centre of the Sochi Olympic Park with a total area of 20,500 sq.m. served as the Forum’s main venue
  • The Forum was inaugurated by the Sochi Investment Expo, whichopened on 29 September. The Expo featured 23 booths where Russian regions presented promising investment projects in various economic areas and information on their economic and investment potential. Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and Chairman of the Forum’s Organizing Committee, toured the Expo.
  • The Forum’s business programme opened on 30 September with a Plenary Session; Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev delivered the keynote speech. He defined the Forum’s tasks as “searching together for answers to the challenges Russia faces; looking to the future, formulating new tasks and new goals.” Dmitry Medvedev also attended the “New Business in Russia: Fulfilling the Potential” roundtable.
  • The Forum had 24 business events, including a Sberbank business breakfast; four panel sessions on “Sustainable Economic Development”; 12 sessions on “Tools for Regional Growth”; two sessions on “Competence Development”; two discussions in the Case-zone, and presentation of the All-Russia Regional Best Practices and Initiatives in Socioeconomic Development Awards.
  • The Forum also featured the first presentation of Russia’s largest grain terminal for loading river-sea vessels; the terminal was built by Promexpeditsia in the Rostov Region.