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17 September 2015

Founding Conference of the BRICS Network University

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On 15-16 September, Moscow hosted the founding conference of the BRICS Network University. The event was attended by Russian Deputy Minister of Education and Science Alexander Klimov, Director of the Graduate Programmes at the Higher Secretariat of Brazil's Ministry of Education Dilvo Ristoff, Minister in India's embassy in Russia Andjali Pandey, Minister-Counsellor for Education in China's embassy in Russia Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Director General of the University Education Department in South Africa's Ministry of Education Diane Cecile Parker, university rectors and academics from the BRICS countries.

“Proxy Centre” company provided informational, visa and administrative support for the participants via Liaison Officers. We also organized online registration portal and functioning of Information and Accreditation desks on the meeting venue and on remote objects. Transportation department ensured flawless transport services.

Those at the conference gave preliminary approval to a draft memorandum of understanding on the creation of BRICS Network University, which the BRICS education ministers are expected to sign when they meet in Moscow in November 2015. The memorandum will be the future university's top regulatory document. BRICS Network University will embody the principles of mutual respect for national laws and education practices as well as equality and transparency. Its governance structure will include an international board of governors formed by the BRICS countries on a parity basis to deal with organisational issues and coordination work. In addition, the national education ministries will create their own coordination committees.