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3 April 2019

With the support of the "Proxy Centre" company and the magazine "Business Crimea" a new film directed by Sergey Debizhev "Crimea heavenly” is produced

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The film project "Crimea heavenly" is a large-scale story about the history, culture, nature, and people of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.

At the global level, the meaning of this project is to show the power, beauty and potential of the Republic of Crimea, the natural and human energy from which the "genius of the place" is born.

The authors consider the nature of the Crimea, its landscapes, the harmony of the sea and mountain ranges, steppes and salt lakes, flora and fauna as an absolutely unique phenomenon, as a reduced copy of our planet.

All elements of the Crimea: fire, water, land, air will be reflected entirely. The story is based on the maximum entertainment, showing in the most favorable light all the wealth, semantic depth and historical prospects of the Crimea, as part of the Russian state, as the most valuable and pure diamond in its crown.

Based on the name "Crimea heavenly", the main shooting will be carried out using the latest achievements in the field of aerial photography, which will provide an image of the highest quality and expressiveness. The full picture, according to the creators, will surprise even those Crimeans who know the local beauty.

Started in 2018, the shooting will end in the autumn 2019.

According to the author, the film opens with the rocket launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome and for the first time we will see the Peninsula from space. Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, who was born and raised in Sevastopol, provided for the film footage of the Crimea, which he shot from the International space station.

The author of the film Sergey Debizhev is a film director, screenwriter and public figure. Member of the expert Council of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation on cinematography. Member of the Union of cinematographers of Russia. Member of the Union of Artists. He is a well-known and most authoritative documentarian of our country. He has produced more than 30 feature and documentary films. Many of them were awarded prizes and diplomas of prestigious national and international film forums. The most significant received Grand Prix at major film festivals. Dozens of articles, hundreds of newspaper publications and television stories were written about the work of Sergey Debizhev. His films are shown by Central TV channels, they are studied by students of cinematographic Universities.

The "Proxy Centre" company has been systematically involved in the economic and cultural development of the Crimea for several years, —the General Director of the company Sergey Lazutkin said. — Pre-premiere screenings of the documentary "A hellish chaos" directed by Sergey Debizhev were held in the cities of Crimea on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the October revolution. In 2015, the company initiated the creation of the annual Yalta International Economic Forum and founded the Yalta international economic forum Foundation. In 2017 under the auspices of the YIEF Foundation in Crimea we organized a tour of the ballet troupe of the famous choreographer, ballet master Oleg Vinogradov, which included artists from several countries. With our participation, a concert of the famous Italian conductor Fabio Pirola featuring the St. Petersburg orchestra "Northern city" took place in Yalta. In 2018 Sergey Lazutkin gave cultural values, which joined the collection of the memorial Museum-reserve "M. Voloshin's Cimmeria" in Koktebel.