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9 June 2018

Preparations for World Cup 2018 are nearly complete

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Proxy Centre is continuing to provide transport services for the preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russiaтм. All the World Cup host cities have held test matches and Proxy Centre tested motorcade entrances to stadiums and protocol routes.

Eleven test matches have been held in the seven host cities of the 2018 World Cup: Nizhny Novrogod, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, and Saransk hosted two matches each, and Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad hosted one game each. Over 380 Proxy Centre employees and embedded contractors, not counting volunteers, participated in testing entrances and protocol routes.

Proxy Centre is still receiving the cars to be used during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russiaтм. The vehicles are being provided by Mercedes and by the World Cup’s partners, Hyundai and KIA. The partners’ cars are already servicing the concluding stage of the preparations for the tournament. Transport services in the host cities will be offered throughout the World Cup: provision of transport services will end on 18 July in Moscow and St. Petersburg and within the first ten days of July in other host cities.

Proxy Centre has set up the work of transport areas and of transport desk supervisors in 11 host cities. Supervisor teams are working at participants’ arrival points (airports, train stations), at the hotels and stadiums. Heads of supervisor teams are present in each host city ensuring the quality of services at each facility. During the World Cup, 455 people will work at the transport desks and in transport areas, 150 of them in Moscow.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russiaтм will be held in the summer of 2018. Proxy Centre LLC is in charge of transport services for the World Cup’s client groups and related events in three territorial clusters out of four: Western, Central, and Southern. The company is also setting up the work of transport and information desks for the tournament’s participants, ensuring prompt resolution of logistics issues and handling arrival and departure services for high-ranking guests.

Previously, Proxy Centre already took part in preparing and holding World Cup-related events, such as the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup held in Russia in June–July 2017 and the World Cup Final Draw held on 1 December 2017 at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow. The Company also provided transport services during a seminar in Sochi for teams playing in the World Cup and during FIFA representatives’ inspection visits to the host cities.