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8 May 2018

Putin declares Russia ready for hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup

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Preparations for the 2018 World Cup are basically complete, “Russia is ready for the tournament”, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Russia 2018 Local Organising Committee.

Gianni Infantino, President of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), concurred with the Russian President. “You can count on me and on FIFA; together, we will make it the best World Cup in history”, he assured the Board.

“Preparations for the World Cup Russia is hosting this year are basically complete. Russia is ready for the tournament. A huge amount of work has been done and we are now moving into the crucial stage of fine-tuning all the mechanisms involved in holding the World Cup”, Russia’s President said when opening the meeting of the Supervisory Board. He warned that the load on the regions hosting the 2018 World Cup would “grow several-fold” and that it would demand constant attention and personal involvement of the regions’ governors.

Comfort and convenient logistics

At the meeting, the President called upon regional authorities to ensure the residents’ comfort, convenient logistics for the guests and athletes, a cultural programme and a safe traffic environment.

“For a whole month, the entire world, including dozens of international media outlets, will be focused on our regions.

I would like to draw your particular attention to timely and reliable beautification of host cities, by which I mean not only the immediate locations hosting games and fans but also the places where the teams will live and train and fans will visit”, the President emphasized.

“Our duty as gracious and attentive hosts of the World Cup is to take care of every fan going to the games. Volunteers and members of the customer service industry working at the tournament facilities should be ready to offer our guests assistance on the broadest range of issues, be it accommodation, places to eat, or the cultural programme”, Putin summed up.

The President also gave instructions to check the readiness of the transport infrastructure to receive the fans; he noted that the guests’ commutes between host cities should be “as convenient as possible.”

Putin said that, “on the whole, preparations for the World Cup in the transport sector were the most massive.”

“It is important that the infrastructure we have created, including modern airports, train stations, roads, junctions, innovations in digital technologies and smart control systems be harmoniously integrated into our country’s entire transport framework and advance the dynamic development of our regions and cities, promote business activities throughout Russia and, certainly, improve our people’s quality of life”, the President said.

The Russian team

At the meeting of the Organising Committee, Putin expressed his hope that the Russian team would not let its fans down on their home turf. “We all hope that our players will give the game their all, play their best and give us determined, hard-hitting football that fans appreciate and love”, Putin stressed. “I think the right thing to do is to wish success to our players and coaching staff.”


The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russiaтм will be held in the summer of 2018. Proxy Centre is in charge of transport services for the Cup’s client groups in three territorial clusters out of four: the Western, Central and Southern.

Proxy Centre is in charge of transport information desks and transport areas for the 2018 World Cup participants. The company’s staff are selecting and training supervisors for transport information desks and pickup/drop-off areas. Transport desks and transport areas are located in each of the 11 World Cup host cities. The areas will help ensure participants’ comfortable commutes between World Cup facilities; they will also provide for prompt resolution of logistics issues and for arrival and departure services for high-ranking guests.

Prior to the World Cup, Proxy Centre has already taken part in preparing and holding World Cup related events, such as the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup held in Russia in June–July 2017 and the World Cup Final Draw on 1 December 2017 in the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

Source: TASS http://tass.ru/sport/4613992