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30 October 2017

Proxy Centre is engaged in the organization of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly

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The 137th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union was held in St. Petersburg on October 14-18. Proxy Centre was involved in the organization of the international congress, which became the largest one in the history of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, founded in 1899.

Proxy Centre staff provided the participants and media representatives who covered the international meeting with accreditation services. Specialists deployed accreditation desks for the participants in the Assembly, and installed specialized software. Proxy Centre provided the necessary equipment and trained accreditation operators who provided services to participants and media during the Assembly.

Throughout the event, Proxy Centre provided accreditation and a package of accompanying services to more than 2,500 participants of the assembly and more than 400 journalists. The company fulfilled all of its tasks, providing the participants in the Assembly with fast and easy accreditation procedure and top level of services.

The Assembly was attended by delegations representing more than 160 parliaments of the world, more than half of the delegations were headed by speakers of the parliaments. Delegates addressed a broad range of issues: from the ban on nuclear weapons to information security, the use of scientific research to achieve the highest standards in healthcare, the encouragement of the private sector for a more active use of renewable energy sources, and the strengthening of the parliamentary dimension in the UN.

As part of the business program of the Assembly, the Forum of Women Parliamentarians and the Forum of Young Parliamentarians of the Inter-Parliamentary Union were held. Six geopolitical groups of the Inter-Parliamentary Union held meetings: the African, Arab, Asian-Pacific, Eurasian, Latin American and the Twelve plus (Western and Central Europe, Canada, some other states).

Throughout the Assembly in St. Petersburg, the new President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Gabriela Cuevas Barron, was elected. In addition, new members have been added to the IPU: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, and the Marshall Islands. The number of participating States thus increased to 177.

The next meeting of parliamentarians will take place in Geneva in 2018.