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30 October 2017

ECOTECH'17 and V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection to become concluding events of the Year of Environment

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Representatives of Proxy Centre participated in the first meeting of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection and the II ECOTECH International Exhibition and Forum. Proxy Center is the operator of ECOTECH'17, providing an integrated solution to all organizational issues associated with the exhibition and forum.

When opening the meeting of the Organizing Committee, Minister of Natural Resources Sergei Donskoy referred to ECOTECH and the 5th All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection as “the concluding events of the Year of Environment.” The Minister noted the importance of the discussion of the engagement of business in ensuring the environmental well-being of the country. “I would like to share my hopes that ECOTECH, which will be held for the second time, will continue the discussion of the involvement of business in the environmental agenda, modernization of production, and other issues related to the environment, as well as environmental protection,” Sergei Donskoy said.

The minister noted the successful implementation of the program of the Year of Environment in Russia. “The main goal that we achieved is the focus on environmental issues in 2017, which became a new record. The Russian media covered issues related to the environmental situation and nature protection a lot more actively than in other countries. The year has witnessed a new record in terms of the involvement of citizens of our country in environmental projects. Business is becoming increasingly more active,” said the minister of natural resources of Russia.

ECOTECH International Exhibition and Forum is an annual business international event in the sphere of innovation, environmental technologies and nature protection that was first held in Moscow in 2016. The organizer of ECOTECH is the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.

The forum is the largest congress platform in Russia and the CIS for solving environmentally sustainable development issues on a global scale. ECOTECH is one of the most significant environmental events globally. The international status of ECOTECH corresponds to the mission of the forum — “Channeling efforts into generating systemic solutions to the issues of the Earth’s well-being.” ECOTECH'17 is one of the largest and most important annual business events in the sphere of innovation, environmental technologies, and nature protection not only in Russia, but also internationally.

ECOTECH is conceived as a single platform for demonstrating innovative environmental solutions in various sectors of the economy and professional dialogue about the problems, prospects, and specific tasks of pursuing a green economy, and introducing the best available technologies (BAT).

Alongside ECOTECH’17, the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center will be hosting the V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection. The congress, which will be held under the aegis of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, will be one of the key events of the Year of Environment in Russia, a discussion platform for the professional environmental community. Delegates from every constituent entity of the Russian Federation will take part in the V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection. In the course of discussions, the participants in the congress will elaborate proposals for further improvement of the environmental legislation, new toolkits and formats for implementing Russia’s environmental policy. As a result of the work of the V Congress, a resolution will be adopted to consolidate the positions and achievements of the most reputable experts in the field of environmental protection, scientists working in related fields, businessmen, public activists, Russian and foreign politicians.

ECOTECH'16 brought together in Moscow scientists, experts, politicians and business representatives from more than 45 countries. More than 10,300 people visited the international exhibition-forum. The participants in the business program included official delegations from 74 regions of Russia. As many as 354 exhibitors took part, including 19 foreign participants. More than 80 events of various formats were organized within the framework of the business program of the forum: the plenary session “Green technologies as a new point of economic growth”, the concluding board meeting of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, meeting of the Federal Environmental Council, forecast sessions, panel discussions, round table conferences, seminars, lectures, presentations, and master classes. On the sidelines of the forum, seven agreements were signed focusing on biodiversity conservation and industrial ecology worth more than more than RUB 10 billion in investments.

In the course of ECOTECH’16, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Sergei Donskoy held a series of meetings with ministers and ambassadors of foreign countries: Sweden, Sudan, South Africa, the Republic of Cuba, Belarus, Armenia and the Republic of Malta.