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15 September 2016

Proxy Centre participates for the first time in organizing the Sochi International Investment Forum

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For the first time, Proxy Centre has been involved in the preparations for one of Russia’s biggest annual business events, the Sochi 2016 International Investment Forum, to be held in Sochi’s Olympic Park on 29 September –2 October.

Proxy Centre is handling all aspects of accrediting the Forum’s participants, media representatives, technical staff and vehicles. While preparations for the event are in progress, Proxy Centre’s personnel accredit technical staff and vehicles involved in getting the Olympic Park Media Centre, the Forum’s principal venue, ready for the event. Training sessions are also held for accreditation operators who will be providing services to the event participants and media representatives. In advance of the Forum, the company will set up accreditation points for its participants and get the specialized software and equipment up and running smoothly.

Another crucial area of work is technical assistance during the Sochi Forum. Proxy Centre is the event’s operations director, overseeing equipment and the overall look of the halls for the Forum’s central events: the plenary session, panels and strategic sessions, brainstorms and roundtables, and the Sochi Investment Expo. For that purpose, Proxy Centre coordinates the work of the contractors handling technical preparations for the Forum’s venue.

The Sochi International Investment Forum has been held since 2002; it is one of the Big Three, together with the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the Eastern Economic Forum, Russia’s biggest annual business events. Today, the Forum is a state-of-the-art venue for a constructive dialogue between business and the authorities. The venue was created by the government of Russia to resolve issues in the development of the global economy and its principal trends, to discuss the prospects for Russia’s investment and innovative future, and for presenting large-scale investment projects in Russia’s regions.

“Our team will have to tackle several key tasks and do a lot of work, since the Sochi Forum traditionally attracts a large number of participants. Last year, more than 9,300 people were accredited. At the same time, Proxy Centre’s successful work on preparing and holding the St. Petersburg and Eastern Economic Forums and on other nationwide and international events allows us to state confidently that our company has all the requisite competences and resources to achieve the goals set for us”, said Sergey Lazutkin, Proxy Centre’s General Director.