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25 April 2017

Proxy Centre provides accreditation and support for participants in Technocaspian–2017

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Proxy Centre performed the entire range of tasks associated with inviting participants and speakers to the Caspian International Technological Forum Technocaspian­–2017, supporting participants and speakers during the Forum, as well as accrediting participants, media representatives and technical staff.

Technocaspian is a major technology forum in the Caspian microregion. This business event sets trends for technology development, is a platform for discussing technology application, introduction of innovation in various economic sectors of the Caspian Five and adjacent countries, as well as B2B communication with Russian and foreign partners. The objective of the Forum is to organise an open communication platform for representatives of big business, small companies, startups, investors, science, and state authorities of the Caspian region, facilitate international technology transfer, establishment of new partnerships in the real sector, intensification of interregional and international business projects and transport corridors, as well as innovative development of the Caspian microregion.

Participating in the Forum were 950 representatives of the business community and public officials from Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, India, Greece and Moldova.

Proxy Centre officials formed the database of potential participants in the Forum, sent out invitations and called potential Forum participants and speakers. A dedicated personal manager was assigned to each delegate to provide comprehensive information about the event, assist in online registration and advise on logistics and staying at the venue during the Forum. Proxy Centre also monitored the arrival of speakers at the venue by the start of each session. Specialists of the company greeted the speakers and moderators at the venue and accompanied them to the session halls.

To provide for registration of participants, Proxy Centre officials established a Single Information System — a web portal providing opportunities for collecting data on various categories of participant, accreditation interfaces, and an opportunity integrate access control accreditation systems. Proxy Centre also designed the accreditation badges.

Accreditation stations were deployed at Astrakhan Airport and the main Forum venue – the Zvyozdny Sports and Recreation Facility. Proxy Centre specialists trained accreditation operators and provided technical facilities for their work stations. Accreditation started a few days prior to the event.

During the Forum, operators issued 1,330 badges, including for technical staff. 950 badges were provided for participants and some 100 badges for media representatives.