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18 February 2013

21st Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF)

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The 21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) was held in Vladivostok (Russia) on January 27-31, 2013. All meetings were conducted at the campus of Far Eastern Federal University on the Russky Island. A thousand of representatives from 28 countries came to Primorye in order to participate in Forum.

«Proxy centre» LLC supports to arrange and conduct the event.

The company hired extra Host Liaison Officers team due to the high quantity of High Officials. Special education trainings for contract employees were conducted as well as all necessary information resources were worked out.

During the course of the delegation members all necessary data was presented:

  • Detailedinformation about the events: meetings schedule, venue map;
  • Passport and visa data, all the required information about transportation, accommodation and nutrition; 
  • Information about Vladivostok (history, sightseeing attractions), where the event will be held;
  • Transportation details:  shuttle routes and schedules.

Logistics plans for arrivals/departures control were worked out: all arrival points were equipped with information desks.

«Proxy centre» LLC transport department in collaboration with the Administration of the Central Office of the Federation Council provided full transport services:

  • Meeting at the airport and further accompanying of the delegation members;
  • Transport services at the meeting venue- FEFU campus (Russky Island)- are arranged;
  • Participants were offered shuttles from the campus buildings to the meeting venue.

Additionally, it will be relevant to mention the established scheme for the participants: due to the limited access to the FEFU campus territory (Russky Island) from the CRTR to campus buildings (or meeting venue) all the participants were provided with shuttles.

Proxy Centre’s LLC IT personnel developed accreditation requirements, as well as the following services:

  • Badges design for the participants and service personnel is developed;
  • All necessary equipments for a successful accreditation process are arranged;
  • Communication links for a successful accreditation process are organized.


IT personnel efficiently dealt with a participant’s base (new data entry of the participants/service personnel/MSM), in order to avoid possible queues during badge distribution process at the meeting venue.

«Proxy Centre» LLC teamwork was highly appreciated by the 21st APPF.