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14 December 2011

Informal Senior Officials' Meeting and APEC-2012 Symposium

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St. Petersburg hosted the first series of events under Russia's chairmanship of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) on Dec. 12-13. The events included a symposium to set APEC's 2012 priorities and the Informal Senior Officials Meeting.

After the events, APEC announced its 2012 slogan: "Integration for Development and Innovation for Prosperity." It also endorsed its priorities for next year:

1. Liberalization of trade and investment and regional economic integration;
2. Consolidation of food security;
3. Formation of reliable transportation and logistics chains;
4. Intensive cooperation for innovation growth.

Russia's APEC representatives pledged to contribute to the forum's joint efforts to enhance economic stability and growth, noting the significant role that regional economic integration plays in accomplishing this goal.

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Proxy Centre’s LLC professionals worked out the interaction technology with APEC member economies (representatives of 21 APEC economies, the Official APEC Observer Organizations (ASEAN Secretariat, PECC Secretariat and PIF Secretariat) and APEC Secretariat). Working business process with participants is organized. Member economies representatives department, consisted with 21 persons, is established, responsibility schedule and functional interaction scheme are coordinated. Newsletter format and distribution schedulefor member economies are approved.

Car transporter trucks carry 57 Mercedes-Benz cars (S-, E-, C- Class) from Moscow, for individual transport services (company chauffeured car for 25 High Officials). A temporary transport enterprise, in cooperation with Broker Logistics LLC, is organized: garage, car wash services, refueling involving drivers, mechanics, and doctors. Police escort is arranged during the Welcome reception inK2” residence.