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26 April 2016

Proxy Centre Took Part in Organizing the 2nd Yalta International Economic Forum

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Proxy Centre has for the second time in a row taken part in preparing and organizing the Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF). The Forum held in Crimea on April, 14―16 has become one of the most important international business events in the sphere of economics held in Russia. YIEF 2016 organizers include the Government of the Republic of Crimea and the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, with support from the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

The Forum brought together in the Crimea more than 1,100 representatives of the business community, politicians and well-known public figures, from both the authorities and the business community, from 26 countries of the world. More than 70 international participants visited the Crimea within the framework of YIEF. It was the biggest group of foreign guests that has paid a business visit to the peninsula since the Crimea’s reunification with Russia. A contract for implementation of the biggest investment project partially financed by private entities in the Republic of Crimea’s contemporary history was signed on the sidelines of the Forum. Under this project, a new airport complex will be built at Simferopol Airport, the investment reaching RUB 32 billion.

Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, the YIEF organizer, has been involved in the preparations for the event in close cooperation with Proxy Centre, whose employees coordinated the Forum’s preparation and operation.

In order to ensure a high level of representation at the Forum, Proxy Centre arranged for distribution of invitations among more than 6,000 contacts. The company’s IT specialists developed and supported YIEF’s official website, www.forumyalta.com, and the online registration portal. In order to provide the participants with comprehensive and timely support, a call centre was established where anyone interested could gain exhaustive information about the event, its conditions and the status of their participation application. During the event, Proxy Centre’s specialists met and saw off the participants at the airport and helped arrange for transfers to and from hotels.

There were accreditation stands at the Mriya Hotel, the Forum’s key venue, as well as in hotels where the participants stayed. More than 1,100 participants were accredited at the Forum, including more than 200 speakers. The Forum brought together businessmen and top managers representing 55 sectors of the economy: from information technology to the aerospace industry, from tourism to the oil and gas sector.

The company’s technical specialists were responsible for the venue preparation and the design of the exhibition area for the Republic of Crimea’s investment projects. They also installed all the necessary equipment and performed branding in accordance with the event’s identity. A spacious multimedia area equipped with a large screen was set up. In particular, it hosted the presentation of the upgraded Investment portal of the Republic of Crimea, where it is possible to obtain online the status of investor or participant in the Free Economic Zone created in the region. The engineering service was responsible for special preparation work at the venue ensuring uninterrupted operation of all the technical equipment, communications channels and the Internet. It was particularly important for the Crimea, where an emergency regime was declared during the Forum.

The Forum operator’s technical professionals provided assistance in organizing a live broadcast of the Forum’s plenary session on the Russia 24 TV channel. The Forum participants’ speeches were simultaneously translated into Russian and English.

In addition, Proxy Centre was responsible for providing transport to the participants, such as individual transfers of VIP participants and regular shuttles between the event venue and the hotels where the guests stayed. Transfers were arranged from the Forum venue and Mriya Hotel to the Livadia Palace, where the final event, the meeting between the leader of the Republic of Crimea with the business community, took place; to the Murad-Avur Mansion, where an offsite session of the section dedicated to cooperation between Russia and Greece was held, and to the Vorontsov Palace and the Massandra winery, for cultural events.

Proxy Centre created audio and video minutes of all the Forum’s 20 sessions: the key plenary session, the Grand Session dedicated to development of the construction sector, 15 section sessions, as well as meetings of committees and work groups.

“The first Yalta International Economic Forum held in 2015 was prepared within a very short term. We then focused on actually establishing a dialogue venue for the business community and the authorities to discuss the most topical issues of our country’s and especially the Crimean Federal District’s economic development. While preparing for the second forum, we concentrated on propelling this venue to a whole new level of development”, said Sergey Lazutkin, Proxy Centre’s CEO, about the Forum’s organization.

As a result, the second YIEF joined the Top Four of Russia’s major forums, along with the St. Petersburg, Eastern and Sochi Forums. It also obtained the status of an effective international venue for discussing social and economic development at the federal and international level.

Sergey Aksenov, leader of the Republic of Crimea and Chairman of the YIEF Organizing Committee, mentioned that the Forum was held at a very high level. “The Forum was a success. Twelve agreements between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea and businessmen for a total amount of nearly RUB 70 billion were signed. In my opinion, the event was quite effective and the Organizing Committee did its best. Foreign specialists have noted that it was held at a very high standard”, the leader of the Republic of Crimea said at the Forum’s final briefing. “We tried to make the atmosphere as comfortable and positive as possible, so that our guests, above all representatives of the business community, could get answers to all their questions”, the region’s leader emphasised.

Andrey Nazarov, Chairman of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation and Co-Chairman of Delovaya Rossiya All-Russian Public Organization notes that international economics and politics were actively discussed at YIEF 2016.

“YIEF has become a popular world-scale business venue. 26 countries were represented there, and more than 70 representatives of the foreign business community took part in the Forum. Certain arrangements were achieved with them regarding joint projects and investments. We also succeeded in reaching an agreement with members of the European Parliament concerning joint promotion of political decisions, including regarding cancellation of the sanctions and counter-sanctions, so that full-scale cooperation between Europe and Russia could be achieved”, Mr. Nazarov said at the event’s final briefing.

“We did a major job”, Jean-Pierre Thomas, one of the foreign guests and President of Thomas Vendome Investment company, said. “The Forum’s participants were very enthusiastic but, at the same time, the discussions were realistic, as the obstacles to business development were discussed, too. It is obvious that both the authorities and the business community are making significant efforts to enhance the Crimea’s economic development”.