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20 May 2015

BRICS Consultations on Security of Outer Space Activities

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On May, 20 BRICS Consultations on Security of Outer Space Activities took place in Moscow, the Reception House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Proxy Centre” company was responsible for organizing such services as venue’s building-up, branding in line with the BRICS corporate identity, online registration and on-site accreditation, transport and, consequently, informational support during the preparation process and carrying out of the event.   

In course of the Consultations the representatives of the official BRICS delegations discussed outer space cooperation issues and programs, first of all, concerning such priority areas as electronic participating databases, satellite navigation and geonetworking, the Earth remote sensing, lunar reconnaissance and development, deep space research. The participants expressed their confidence that a concerted action of BRICS institutionalization will enable more productive ways of dealing universal outer space security issues.