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7 July 2015

BRICS Youth Summit

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On July, 4-7 Kasan hosted the first BRICS Youth Summit, which involved about 300 people. On June, 6 BRICS Ministers of Youth Affairs Meeting was held, where Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa signed a memorandum of understanding on youth policy.

“Proxy Centre” company played an important role in the organization and carrying on of the meeting. During preparation phase our employees developed online registration portal and hand-out materials such as newsletters, delegate handbook and Administrative Circular, containing essential information on the meetings’ logistics.  In the course of the BRICS Ministers of Youth Affairs Meeting the Heads of Delegation were provided with chauffeured company cars, other participants were able to use transfers between airport and the meeting venue. “Proxy Centre” also secured operation of Accreditation desk and Informational desks. Liaison Officers were taking care of efficient administrative and informational support for the delegations.  

The summit's programme includes delegates' meetings with Russian and international experts, state officials and business leaders. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov has already delivered a speech to the youth summit's participants. The summit aims to create a solid foundation for the BRICS youth dimension, to find suitable formats for active cooperation in a multicultural and multipolar world, and to integrate young people in the multilateral cooperation of the BRICS countries.

Following their meetings, the young delegates submitted their initiatives and proposals for promoting political, economic, information, research, technical and cultural cooperation between the BRICS countries.The materials produced during the summit will be later submitted to the heads of agencies in charge of shaping national youth policy.