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4 June 2015

High-Level Conference on Security and Stability in the SCO Region

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High-Level Conference on Security and Stability in the SCO Region was held in Moscow on June 4, 2015.

Opening the conference, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said that the situation in the world is growing more complex. The objective emergence of a polycentric world order has been accompanied by the escalation of existing conflicts and the outbreak of new ones, less focus on seeking compromise and mutual understanding, and more confrontational approaches. The meeting was devoted to discussion ways to consolidate cooperation to promote security and stability and combat drug trafficking, terrorism and organised crime.

Proxy Centre Company, taking part in the organization of the SCO course of events within the frame of Russia’s Presidency 2014-2015, provided essential support for the Conference. Our specialists were toiling at elaboration of tailored online registration portal, on-site accreditation, transport support, in-house Liaison Officers work to assist in organizing delegations’ itinerary and promote their pleasant stay in Moscow. Besides, our technical management team set-up Plenary Hall, bilateral meeting rooms, common delegation room, prayer rooms and other working offices for the meeting.

As a result of the Conference, the joint statement were issued by the SCO member states, observers, and dialogue partners, marking as a dominant tendency the formation of a multipolar world based on principles of common indivisible security and mutually beneficial equal cooperation.

The bottom line of the meeting should serve as a good foundation for deepening the wide-ranging practical cooperation between SCO countries, with the participation of interested states and international organisations.