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Focus Areas

  • National and international forums and summits 
  • Conferences and seminars of major Russian and international companies 
  • National and international sports events


Business events

Organization of high-level business events reflects on all areas. In particular, working with participants, delegations and VIPs on a systematic basis and well in advance helps us provide the highest standard of services and ensure a convenient process, including prompt distribution of hi-tech badges. Proxy Centre uses modern information technology to set up accreditation and registration systems and operates a comprehensive information security system guaranteeing continued integrity in case of a cyber attack. The servers used by our registration system are hosted at professional-grade data centers. A back-up electronic registration node is used during events, allowing for uninterrupted operations even if communications channels or power supply lines break down. We can support events with between 200 and 20,000 participants. 


Sports events and competitions


Cultural events